Meal Delivery Service in NYC and Beyond

It’s Easier to Feed a Crowd With Our Process & Equipment

Our meal delivery service was born from an act of kindness during the Spring 2020 coronavirus outbreak. An effort called the In My Scrubs Challenge wanted to deliver nutritious food to frontline medical workers, so it brought together The Little Beet restaurant and RDS Same Day Delivery to make it happen. We donated our delivery service to bring 250 meals per day to several NYC hospitals. Since then, the need has multiplied—by mid-May we delivered more than 100,000 meals.

See an article in Customized Logistics & Delivery Magazine about how this service became an economic stimulus for NYC restaurants.

Feeding a large group of people is a challenge some agencies and charitable organizations tackle on a regular basis. Sometimes, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, kind-hearted, generous people and companies choose meal delivery as their way to lend a helping hand or offer a gesture of gratitude. Feeding medical workers, firefighters, police officers and essential workers is a thoughtful and appreciated gift.

Supporters and volunteers soon discover that ordering, transporting and distributing hundreds of meals is tricky. By turning to us to handle the logistics, their resources and manpower can be used much more efficiently.

RDS Same Day Delivery has the right technology, right-sized vans and right equipment to streamline the meal delivery process. We guarantee the process will be smooth, accountable and transparent throughout the supply chain, from ordering and scheduling, to the pickup and delivery—complete with photos to capture the moments and spread the good will.

RDS has delivered more than 100,000 meals—during the COVID-19 pandemic alone! Some of our partnerships for meal delivery service include:

  • Catholic Charities of New York
  • Citymeals on Wheels
  • Rethink Food NYC
  • Food First Inc.
  • SL Green Realty Corp.
  • Housing Works
  • The Little Beet
  • …And many more!

Rely on Our Process & Technology

We can handle all of the details. When you order delivery service from RDS, we’ll provide a formatted spreadsheet where you can simply dump your data. With a few clicks of your mouse, simply log into our portal and upload the file into our system. We will send updates of your order status, and you can provide bills of lading to your partners and delivery points. We always keep you informed, providing you with total peace of mind. Plus, you’ll avoid scheduling snafus and see your plans spring into action a lot faster.

The Right Equipment Is Key

RDS has commercial bins for carefully transporting food and can fit about 1,200 meals in each van. Using the right equipment to load, transport and unload food keeps the packages intact, avoids messes and speeds up the entire process.

Don’t Forget the Photos!

We also will make sure your efforts don’t go unnoticed. We will take pictures of the pickup and delivery that you can use to share special moments, give compliments to the chef and staff, thank donors and helpers and honor the grateful recipients of your gifted meals. This promotional photography can help you grow support for your next mission.

Let Us Help Serve Up Your Next Meal Delivery

You can take advantage of the RDS team’s meal delivery service to ensure your routine work or special event is a success. We are happy to customize our services to your specific needs. Here’s how you can contact us to discuss a partnership: call 212-260-5800 or send us a message online requesting to speak with RDS President Larry Zogby.

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