Storage & Retrieval in NYC

Give Your Files the Highest Level of Protection

There was a time when you could store your files right in your office. But now, you have many more records to store—but nowhere to put them. Why waste valuable office space with a pileup of files?

Free up some room by partnering with RDS Same Day Delivery. We will efficiently store your documents for however long you need—and we’ll protect all of your records as if they were our own.

Our Storage Solutions Are Safe, Secure and Efficient

Our spacious facility is climate controlled and built to provide maximized protection. We also can store skids and pallets in our warehouse to make everything easier for you.

We pack each record in specially designed boxes to accommodate different sizes and weights. From there, we bar code each file and store them for easy access. Using a computerized inventory system, we can provide you with a complete storage log for inventory control. And when you need to prepare your files for transport, we’ll help you gather the necessary files, and then provide pickup or delivery service as needed.

Specialized Solutions for the Medical Community

Have you found yourself buried in charts and films? Let our team help you out!

RDS Same Day Delivery will file and store your charts in our highly secure and spacious facility. Medical records, charts, films—we’ll store whatever you need! Thanks to our computerized inventory systems, we can seamlessly record individual charts by a patient’s first and last name, date of birth and type of medical test. A complete log is then forwarded to you for full inventory control.

A Step-By-Step Process for Your Convenience and Peace of Mind

Initial Transfer: We’ll assign an account executive to work with you and oversee the transfer of your files. This ensures that the process will happen smoothly and without error.

Temporary Staffing: Let our team become part of yours! Temporary staff will assist you to prepare your medical records for initial pickup. We’ll also assist with sorting, organizing and boxing all of your files.

Packaging: We have specially designed double-wall constructed boxes to handle the heavy weight of medical charts. Furthermore, we have specific boxes to accommodate chest-X-ray-sized film and smaller boxes for mammograms and smaller charts.

Computerized Data Processing: We record each medical record or chart with the following information: patient’s first and last name, date of birth or chart number and type of test. These practices ensure a proper inventory and prompt retrieval of all records. Furthermore, all of our data processing includes a complete audit and review of entered information to ensure accuracy.

Bar Code Technology: We attach bar code identification numbers on every box. Each record is entered into our system and assigned a control number, allowing us to track the movement of each individual record accordingly.

Reporting (Electronic and Paper): RDS Same Day Delivery provides you with a detailed report of records entered into our database. When you call us, simply refer to either the control number for your specific chart or the bar code for the entire box. From there, we will retrieve your records quickly and efficiently so that you can be on your way.

Retrieving and Refilling: We provide same-day rush retrieval (approximate 4-hour service) and standard overnight retrieval of records. When you place your order, your records will be delivered before noon the very next day. Once you are finished with your retrieved items, call us and we will return them to the appropriate box.

Highly Secured Facility:

  • Fully protected with 24-hour video surveillance cameras.
  • Activity to and from premises is recorded continuously.
  • Buildings are fully equipped with sprinkler systems and smoke detection devices.
  • Access to storage facility is limited to authorized personnel only. We will release documents and records only to persons authorized by you, the client.

Safely Store Your Files With RDS Same Day Delivery

We have all the necessary resources and staff to safely store your files. Let us know what you need, and we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your business.

To get in touch with one of our representatives, fill out our online form or call RDS Same Day Delivery at 212-260-5800 today.

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