last mile: insights and logistics

Last-Mile Landscape: Insights and Logistics

Insights and logistics: Last-mile strategies, compliance in medical couriers, charity events, workforce roundtable, and warehousing efficiency solutions.

Our OSHA and HIPAA Medical Couriers!

Compliance in medical courier services

Compliance and Confidentiality in Every Delivery:

  • Specimens
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Lab Results
  • Medical Reports
  • Medical Equipment
  • Laboratory Supplies
  • Prescription medications
  • Protected health information (PHI)

Charity Golf Tournament for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Charity golf tournament for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Big Daddy Celebrity Golf Classic, June 23 & 24, Register Now!

Transportation & Logistics Workforce Roundtable, at City Hall with Mayor Adams

Transportation and logistics workforce roundtable

Leadership Team Participated in Addressing Workforce Needs & Future Collaborations

Streamlining Your Deliveries with Cross-Docking

Streamlining deliveries with cross-docking

Warehousing Efficiency: Solving Your Logistics Challenges

  • Some products require extra care. Our team provides the special treatment, packaging, or assembly your items need.
  • Our cross-docking service ensures that your products spend less time in transit, reaching their destinations efficiently.
  • With our insights and logistics, you can better manage your inventory, avoid overstocking and shortages and keep your supply chain efficient.
  • By minimizing storage requirements through RDS, enjoy cost savings with service quality.
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