New Year wishes

Delivering Gratitude: Our Heartfelt Thanks as We Enter 2024

Wishing You a Joyful & Prosperous New Year 🎉

Delivering gratitude in 2024: Join us for seamless deliveries, last-mile tech, and a passionate team. Experience transparency in the supply chain. Happy New Year wishes!

As we enter the New Year, we find joy in delivering gratitude to our community.

To our clients, thank you for entrusting us with your same-day deliveries, logistics & warehousing needs.

Your support has been instrumental in our success, and we’re honored to be your go-to partner.

A special shout-out to our networking partners, strategic alliances, and vendors—your collaboration has been invaluable shaping our success!

To my dedicated team, your hard work and passion are the backbone of our company. We’re proud to lead such an exceptional group!

Here’s to a year filled with continued growth, shared successes, and timely deliveries! ✨

Wishing you all a joyful and prosperous New Year!

Larry & David Zogby

Meet The Passionate Team Behind Your Deliveries!

Passionate team

Where Collaboration and Dedication are the Driving Forces Behind Every Experience!

Last-Mile Technology Solutions

Last-Mile technology

Complete Visibility & Transparency Throughout the Supply Chain

Holiday Cheers & New Year Wishes from the Team

Holiday cheers

Our recent holiday party at our corporate headquarters was a festive celebration of our dedicated team and the unique culture we cherish.

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes at our corporate headquarters here in Long Island City 🥳

Your support has been vital to our success, and we’re excited to continue delivering excellence in the upcoming year!

Wishing you a joyful holiday season and a fantastic New Year!

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