Last Mile Potential: Beyond Logistics Partnership

Beyond Logistics: Partnering for Last Mile Success!

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Delivering Excellence: Ensuring Your PHI Security

Last Mile Success Partnership - Beyond Logistics
Collaborative Success: Beyond Logistics and Last Mile Excellence

Achieving Excellence Together: 20+ Awards from City, State & Government Officials

Small Business Hero of the Year

Honoring those who went above & beyond during the pandemic.

The award recognized Larry’s idea to turn One Random Act of Kindness into a movement that has provided more than 350,000 meals to grateful recipients.

-Thomas J. Grech President & CEO Queens Chamber of Commerce

Citation of Honor

“We have an outstanding leader, worthy of the esteem of the community, the Borough of Queens, and the City of New York”

-Donovan Richards Jr. President of the Borough of Queens

Citation, Brooklyn Borough Council

“In recognition, for enriching the lives of the residents, which helps to make Brooklyn a better place to live work, and raise a family.”

-Marty Markowitz

President of the Borough of Brooklyn

A Recap of a Memorable Thanksgiving Celebration!

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